The Arrivederci Story


   The beginning.

  The Arrivederci story begins with Franco, born in Sorrento, a seaside village

  on the Amalfi coast in Southern Italy.  After spending the first 25 years of

  his life studying the fine art of Italian cuisine, Franco received the distinction

  of "Maestro Di Cucina Italiano" (Master of Italian Cuisine) from the

  Italian Council of Chefs.

   A healthier way to eat. 

  Arrivederci was to specialize in Franco's new "Nouvelle Italian Cuisine"

  which focused on fresh ingredients, no preservatives, and more vegetables,

  a very healthy style of Italian cuisine that was a hit with the local "health

  concious" Californians.  Two years later Franco met his current business

  partner Max Sahin, the Chef/Owner of Avanti's of La Jolla, CA.  The two

  became instant friends and decided to open a restaurant together the following 

  spring of 1995 in North Scottsdale.  

  The "healthy but tasty" concept provided to work very well in the

  North Scottsdale location and therefore followed 2 years later by a location  

  inHouston, TX and finally by its newest location in Ahwatukee - Phoenix,

  AZ in the winter of 2004.

  Arriverderci Ahwatukee's unique blend of healthy but tasty food, casual

  elegance, and impeccable service has made it the company's most popular

  location.  Chef Franco's expertise in the kitchen coupled with Max's expertise

  in the dining room has produced a winning concept in Italian Dinning that will

  continue to thrive for many years to come.